About Us

Our company

Barthelemy Group, LLC is a full service, professional agency specializing Mid-Mile and Last-Mile shipping and delivery, employee benefits, insurance, and medical ancillary services.

In 2009, we started providing cost-effective investment advisory services and insurance services to individuals and businesses with impeccable customer service. Since then, we’ve expanded our services to include Mid-Mile, Last-Mile Delivery and Ancillary Medical Services to further help our clients grow and succeed.

What sets us apart is our dedication to each and every client and the focus we apply to their specific needs. We pride ourselves on being hands-on at every step of the way.

Even as our business expands, our mission always remains the same: to provide superior, cost-effective products and services that meet the ever-changing needs of our current and prospective clients. We continuously strive to deliver professional excellence in everything we do.